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An assortment of great value synthetic brushes suitable for face painting and art.

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Create Golden Synthetic Brush Set  (5 Pack)
Long handled Create Brush Set (5 Pack)  5 Pack Golden Synthetic Brushes  ..
Create Brush - Size 1 Round Blk Gld Albino
Create Brush - Size 1 Round Albino ( White Synthetic Brush) Suitable for face painting, acryl..
Create Golden Synthetic Brush - Size 1 Round
Create Brush - Size 1 Round (Synthetic), navy handle, gold ferrule. Use for detailed work and..
Create Brush - Size 2 Flat
Create Brush - Size 2 Flat (Synthetic) ..
Create Brush - Size 3 Round Blk Gold
Create Brush - Size 3 Round (White Albino Synthetic) For face and body painting, acrylic..
Create Assorted Albino Brush Set (4 Pack)
A gorgeous set of assorted Albino Synthetic Brushes. White handles with metallic ferrules in ..
Create Assorted Colourful Plastic Handle Brush Set (5 Pack)
A fun set of assorted Synthetic Brushes. Colourful plastic handles with golden ferrules. ..
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